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Custom vs. Standard Curtain Sizes: Which Should You Choose?

To bring aesthetic appeal and functionality to your indoor space, you must know the right size of your curtain. We measure our curtain sizes by length and width, ranging mostly from 83 to 144 inches. 

These lengths are required to know how long they are and how they would fit your spaces. 24cm width is for small windows that usually align the windows or some sliding doors. People can find curtains in many sizes ranging from different widths to lengths. These sizes are very beneficial when precisely measuring the best window curtains.

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Understanding different standard curtain sizes

Curtains come in a variety of sizes for different windows with their dimension. You must measure the window’s height and breadth to determine the conventional curtain sizes. A curtain should be 1.5 to 3.5 times wider than the window’s actual width when you purchase one. Now assume where that curtain should fall, below the windows, near the floor. 

Make the replacement of the curtain rod and install it one inch above the window. This would give the curtain a more dramatic look.  Short windows mostly need 63-inch long curtains. Standard-sized windows vary to 84 inches. Taller or lengthy windows range from 98 to 105 inches.

Curtain lengths recommendations

An ideal curtain length usually depends upon the size and length of the window. Some universal guidelines for custom curtain sizes are given below.

Curtain                                 Best use 

Length                                and position

84 inches

Make it just above the floor for an average-sized window.

90 inches

Puddling it to the floor for 8.5-foot ceilings.

95 inches

Puddling to the floor for 8-foot standard ceilings

108 inches

It stands very suitable for 9-foot high ceilings.

121 inches

Puddling to the floor for 10-foot ceiling height.

Standard height windows

You can choose a 90-95 inch long curtain for a standard-sized window. This will give your window a sophisticated look that will add ambiance to your personal space. You can go slightly longer to the puddle if you want some more privacy.

Curtain Sizes

Floor-to-ceiling windows

A somewhat longer curtain, measuring between 120 and 144 inches in length, is required for these 12-foot-tall windows. This would enable the drape to softly pool on the ground, giving the impression of luxury. These floor-to-ceiling windows accentuate the romantic feel of your room.

Shorter windows

For shorter windows, you have to choose an 84 inches long curtain.  Panels will brush the sill if you mount the rod above the window. It helps you to maintain clean lines and ensures better privacy.

Shorter Window Curtain

Curtain width recommendations

We will help you choose the right curtain width that will suit your interior and will give you a uniform look.

Curtain width                          Best use

23 to 37 inches                  Narrow windows

40- 49 inches                     Medium width windows

70-90 inches                      Larger windows

100+ inches                     Extra wide windows and sliding doors.

Advantages of custom sizes in curtains.

Some advantages of curtain sizes are discussed below.

  • Standard Window curtain sizes are available across all the stores which customers can easily find and buy. This helps you to find out your desired custom size with ease.
  • These curtain sizes stand very cost effective as they are produced at a larger level and offer the clients very low prices.
  • These curtains with custom sizes are very straightforward to install. Get compatible curtain rods and brackets to make easy installation.
  • A curtain rod with a custom size offers more compatibility and elegance to the room. You can get your curtain in desired sizes and colors according to your preference.

How do you choose curtain sizes?

Choosing your custom curtain size needs some steps including width measurements, height measurement, your desired curtain style, and quality of the fabric. After assuming all these things you can choose your custom curtain size. 

To select the ideal curtain size for your window, you must measure the width of the rod and the height of the window. The curtain should have a width that is 1.3 to 1.5 times greater than the window’s width.  By ensuring all these things in the measurement, you can get your desired curtain size for your window.

Curtain Width

Factors to consider while choosing custom curtains.

The following things can prove to be very beneficial when choosing custom curtains for your windows.

  • Select the best fabric for your curtain that suits your room ambiance. Ensure the use of a light-colored fabric with heavier weight as it will add a formal look to the space.
  • The lining of the curtains can help with light control just like blackout curtains. Choose the curtain with the best linings for better insulation and temperature maintenance.
  • Decide the proper length of your curtain and make sure where you want the curtain to fall. Curtains hemmed precisely help to enhance the ambiance of your space.
  • Custom curtains can prove more expensive than the ready-made ones, therefore you should be more careful with your budget. Seek professional advice, in case of any difficulties.

Important advice for measuring your curtains.

To ensure the perfect fitting of your curtain, measure the measurements very carefully. These are the following pieces of advice to make perfect measurements.

  • Use a steel measuring tape as it will provide you with much more accuracy than the other measuring tools.
  • Use sizing charts of curtains while making any kind of measurements.
  • Always add an extra width of 1.5 inches to your measurements to make a perfect fitting.
  • Measure from the point where you want your rod to be installed.

Cost Comparison: standard vs customs

  • Standard curtains are typically less costly than custom ones. This is a result of the customer’s requests that things be done in a certain manner. The cost of it might range from $200 to $1500, depending on the fabric’s quality and size.
  • Due to their simultaneous mass production, standard curtains, sometimes referred to as ready-made curtains, are less expensive. Usually, their costs fall between $20 and $200. The brand and fabric have an impact on these costs as well. 
Custom Curtains


This detailed guide will surely help you to choose the perfect custom curtains for your window with your desired dimensions. Consider the curtains sizing chart while taking measurements. Accurate measurements will help to install your curtains flawlessly. Perfectly fitted curtains will ensure your privacy, blocking sunlight and increasing your indoor decor. 

These tips can help you make the perfect window measurements that will surely add a vibe of sophistication to your indoors.

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